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Why is Aamir Against Promoting Dhoom 3 On Salman & Kapil’s Show !


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While every other film is being promoted on reality shows especially Bigg Boss, Comedy Nights With Kapil, Dance Reality Shows and various Singing Talent Shows, it is Aamir Khan’s non appearance on any of these shows that is making everyone wonder what’s up with the marketing maverick. Koimoi brings to you the real reason coming straight from the star himself as to why he is dead against promoting Dhoom 3 on television.

An insider, who revealed to us that Khan is not keen on promoting the film on television at all, informed that the actor said – ‘He doesn’t feel like it!’


Aamir Khan told our source that they will be banking on the intelligence of the audiences for the film. He said, “We are following ‘more is less’ funda to the core here. We are expecting more from the film, our audiences and delving out as little as possible. Hence, we won’t be promoting it on any of the reality shows, even Bigg Boss. I just don’t feel like doing it.”

He further added that though television is a great platform to arouse interest among the audiences for films, but it should be reserved only for smaller ventures. He said, “Promotions are more necessary for smaller films. In case of Dhoom 3, it is a big film. There is brand name of YRF, Dhoom’s legacy, me, Katrina all associated with it. People will anyway go see the film. In my opinion big films don’t need to promote like this.”

The D-Day for the upcoming film Dhoom 3 is nearing. Looking at the dull month that December is in terms of good commercial cinema, Dhoom 3 is much looked forward to. However, the hype and the buzz for the film will flow a lot from the legacy of the franchise as the team is decided on keeping the promotions for it at a minimal level.


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